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Safety Environmental Health Policy
Deep hole drilling machine Mindful drilling machine
MICRONTEC is a leading manufacturer specialized in Gun drilling machine
MICRONTEC is a leading manufacturer specialized in Gun drilling machine

Environmental Safety and Health Policy:


    Chau Yih Shin Co; Ltd., microntec, focus on its environmental responsibility, to reach the environment and sustainable development, compliance with environmental laws and regulations, strengthen resource recycling and pollution prevention, Control Manager noise arising in manufacturing, emissions, waste pollution and on health and safety and environmental impact included in the risk assessment, so that colleagues can work on safety and health, pollution-free environment.


    Promote the implementation of "safety first, prevention first" We commit ourselves:

1. Observe the safety, health and environmental regulations and requirements.

2. Pollution prevention work safety first concept, continued to improve.

3. Work colleagues occasional environmental safety and health education and training, improve communication channels, making safety and health awareness responsibilities and obligations.

4. Environmental Safety and Health Management, to be reviewed regularly, reducing the risk of insecurity there.


Water Pollution Control:

 Water pollution prevention strategy to reduce pollutants into the wastewater process, the use of recycled coolant filtration and purification equipment will be reused and recycled impurities, contaminants from water classification, discharge water quality in line with government regulations. Can not be recovered using the waste discharged into the industrial park wastewater treatment factory for further treatment, wastewater treatment through multi-channel program, to comply with the emission standards river, into the river, Industrial Park Administration will discharge water quality sampling tests from time to time the Company.


Construction of green supply chain and fulfill corporate social responsibility:

1. reduction at source of raw materials, energy use and other resources: raw materials for optimizing mining principle, reduce raw material usage can be reduced manufacturing pollution and waste generation, reduce production costs but also take into account environmental protection.

2. Demands that the review process supplier appropriate use of chemicals, the use of environmentally friendly chemicals, and gradually achieve a minimum usage principle.

3. The waste reduction and recycling: the waste treated as a valuable resource, recycling reuse, energy recovery, incineration or sanitary landfill to reduce the impact of environmental pollution.

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